CryoControl Specifications
Control and regulation unit for liquid nitrogen containers

TCryoControl is a control and regulation unit for the safe operation of a liquid nitrogen container with biogenic material stored in gas or liquid phase. The temperature in the container, the filling level and optionally the oxygen level on site are monitored.


CryoControl consists of a control unit for the sensory system and the corresponding regulation components. A schematic representation as well as the operation of the system is realized on a touch screen with graphical user interface.


  • Fully automatic level control and monitoring with a 6-point sensor system
  • Temperature monitoring with high and low alarm limit settings
  • Integrated web server for visualization and operation of the touch screen via Internet browser
  • Temperature calibration routine directly via touchscreen
  • Fully automatic gasbypass-cotrolling
  • Defogging function with lid opened
  • Fully automatic fast-cooling-function
  • Alarms are clearly displayed acoustically, visually as well as through alarm text messages
  • Password-protected release of the opening of the lid, logging of unauthorized opening of the lid in the logbook
  • Log visible on the touch screen with plain text messages and display of process data (temperature, filling level and optional oxygen level)
  • Freely configurable time period for cyclic process data storage in the log calculation spreadsheet or for archiving purposes
  • Transfer of logbook-data via Ethernet network directly to any calculation spreadsheet or for archiving purposes
  • Adjustable alarm lines for collective or individual alarms for transfer to external monitoring systems
  • Integrated automatic sequential as well as simultaneous filling function for up to 32 containers


  • Oxygen level monitoring for safe operation
  • Touchscreen operated classification system CryoFinder for quick localization of the right samples in the container
  • Network monitor for remote monitoring of multiple containers

Technical Data:

Width mm 300
Height mm 120
Length mm 300
Power supply voltage Volt DC 24 (via external power unit)
Power input mA 4000
Weight kg ca. 6