STAND 07/13
Alarm message system for
cryo storage rooms
2 ]
Application Alarm message system for the forwarding of alarms and errors of e.g. freezing containers, breath air monitoring and deep freezers in a cryo storage room. The storage room can be monitored with a standard telephone connection. Spoken announcements for each event passed on to different target call numbers.

Structure cryo-call

Description Alarm message system for cryo storage rooms using a standard telephone connection with spoken announcements:
□    6 reporting inputs, 4 target call numbers per input
□    Real-time clock (buffered) with automatic summer-/winter time conversion
□    Event recording, 1.000 events for input/output/call with date and time, secured data storage
□    Emergency operation with accu
□    Acknowledgement of an alarm with tone selection codes of the receiving station
□    Remote control of max. 2 relays; Pin protected
□    Tele-call of reporting inputs

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