STAND 07/13
Switching supply system
for transport containers
2 ]
Application CryoSwitch supplies a liquid nitrogen storage via two transport containers. The switching supply system supervises the filling of liquid nitrogen from a transport container and switches with first empty container to the second, full transport container. CryoSwitch is used together with a second transport container, if the week supply of a transport container is no longer sufficient or a high supply reliability is demanded by redundancy.
Structure cryo-switch

Description CryoSwitch is installed in a stainless steel cabinet. On the left and on the right at the cabinet the transport containers are attached. Inside the cabinet are two low-temperature single solenoid valves, which are controlled in dependence of the pressure sensors and the temperature sensor. The controlling and monitoring are made by the control system CryoServer. All line sections are provided with relief valves. For operating supervision locally pressure manometers for container and system pressure are installed in the cabinet. Status lights above the transport containers locally and displays at the CryoServer shows the operating conditions.

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