STAND 07/13
Storage tank for liquid nitrogen
2 ]
Application CryoTank is a stationary upstanding storage tank for the safe storage and withdrawal of deep-cold, liquified nitrogen. The employment of a storage tank type VT 2 is recommended starting from a monthly consumption of 1.000 litres liquid nitrogen. Starting from a monthly consumption of 10.000 litres the storage tank type VT 11 is used.

Structure cryo-tank              cryo-tank-zeichnung

Description The storage tank consists of an inner vessel of cold-tough material, which is centrically installed in an external vessel of carbon steel. The gap is filled with powdered insulation material and evacuated for cooling insulation. The pressure control can be made by means of a mechanical pressure control valve or controlled electromechanically, in the case of pure liquid withdrawal, by the control system CryoServer. Valve bodies are implemented in stainless steel, all connections are welded.

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