STAND 12/14
Insulated tube for
transferring liquid nitrogen
2 ]
Application CryoTube is used for transferring liquid nitrogen safely and with low loss as a flexible connection between cryogenic systems. For example, using CryoTube freezing and storage tanks are connected to a central nitrogen supply or transport containers. CryoTube minimizes downcooling losses and remains flexible in cold conditions.

Structure                    cryo-tube

1 CryoTube stainless steel tube - insulation - protective tube
2 Molded insulated endcap
3 Counter piece single edge, connection wrench double-sided, SW17
4 Cap nut, Konus 45°, connections: ¾“-UNF16, SW22
5 Connektor, Konus 45°, connections: ¾“- UNF16 / ⅜“ Standard, SW19

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