CryoLIN Specifications
CryoLIN filling station for liquid nitrogen

At the filling station we will fill your storage containers with liquid nitrogen. On request we can also supply you with liquid nitrogen all over Northern Germany. A safety-technical briefing will be provided on site. If required, lease containers can be provided.

The filling station for liquid nitrogen is located in:
D-24161 Altenholz, Kronsberg 27 - Hotline: 0431 363690

Liquid nitrogen is a pure natural product. It shrinks drive shafts to apply sockets and it makes for mystic fog in musicals and discotheques. The physician uses it to remove warts, the civil engineer to freeze ground soil and the chef creates extraordinary sensations of taste with it. Our speciality is Cryopreservation. The cooling energy of liquid nitrogen is capable of preserving living cells for eternity. Our portfolio ranges from services up to finalised facilities.
Liquid nitrogen can be used for an unimaginable variety of applications.