Safety Engineering
Room air monitoring and safety status

In most of the nitrogen storage depots a filling site for dewars must be provided. Liquid nitrogen in small quantities can be taken here to supply the laboratory section as well as small storage containers. This distributor point is associated with the largest incalculability. Accidents can arise mostly here. Therefore the assigned operating personnel must legitimate itself with an access control system for enabling the nitrogen feeding for a limited time. In order to ensure that the filling process is supervised for the whole time, presence detectors are installed. If the operator leaves the room or becomes unconscious, the nitrogen feeding is interrupted.

The nitrogen traffic light gives information about the safety status of nitrogen storage depot:

Each nitrogen storage depot is unique. The first stage is the risk analysis in accordance to the "Betriebssicherheitsverordnung" made by the manager. The procedural and technical safety requirements are integrated in an individual project. This is the basis for the safe layout and professional installation of the facility.
So that the facility can be optimised and adapted to modified operational parameters, a programmable control system is installed. The limit values of the oxygen analyser can be combined with the ventilation control. Time windows are defined for the nitrogen taking. User codes regulate the competencies in the operation of the storage depot. Alarms are transmitted to the superior facility control system and are used as a basis for the emergency management.