CryoTube Specifications
Connecting hose for liquid nitrogen

CryoTube is used for transferring liquid nitrogen safely and with low loss as a flexible connection between cryogenic systems. For example, using CryoTube freezer- and storage tanks are connected to a central nitrogen supply or transport containers. CryoTube minimizes downcooling losses and remains flexible in cold conditions.


1 CryoTube stainless steel tube - insulation - protective tube
2 Molded insulated endcap
3 Counter piece single edge, connection wrench double-sided, SW17
4 Cap nut, conus 45°, connections: 3⁄4“-UNF16, SW22
5 Connector, conus 45°, connections: 3⁄4“- UNF16 / 3⁄8“ Standard, SW19

The insulated tube is made of a central stainless steel corrugated tube, which is coated with an insulating tube and is protected by a plastic corrugated tube. The ends are bolted and sealed with caps. Standard UNF-connectors are mountable on both sides.
The tube is attached to connectors by tightening it with the nut, wrench width 22. This is to hold with the lock nut, wrench width 17 or with the counter piece.

Technical data

Tube length mm 300 - 2400, gradation 300 mm
Standard mm 1500 in stock
Outer diameter mm 45
Weight Kg/m ca. 0.5
Nominal diameter mm 10
Operating pressure bar max. 4
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