CryoLifter Specifications
Lifting device for cryogenic storage systems

Individually adjustable lifting device for the removal and insertion of storage systems (e.g. racks) for cryogenic freezers. A holder with a grip allows controlled placement and alignment in the container.


CryoLifter is a cable-driven lifting device with integrated brake and a special holding with a grip for brackets of standard freezer container storage systems (up to 3.8 mm diameter). The lifting device is mounted centrally over the freezing container opening at the ceiling.
Dissolve the integrated brake by pulling the rope, pulling the hoisting ropes down on the holding device and attach the bracket of the storage system to be taken into the holding device. You can now pull out the storage system from the container through the roller system in the lifting device with less power for back protection. In each position, the rope can be released – the integrated brake reliably prevents the slipping of the storage system back into the container. To lower the storage system, the brake has to be released (see above) and the storage system is to be positioned in the container with the grip of the holding device.

Technical data

  • Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Bracket from the storage system to d = 3.8 mm or special request
  • Cable extension length max: 2.50 m
  • Accessories: Ceiling Mount, stainless steel chain, snap hook