CryoMatic Specifications
Level measurement in liquid nitrogen

CryoMatic is wired to a 6-level-LED-sensor and gives information about the level of liquid nitrogen in a container. The output signal can directly drive a SPS. CryoMatic can be used as a standalone device as well, since the level is also indicated optically by LEDs.


Because of its case for top hat rail CryoMatic can easily be integrated to a switch cabinet. 6 digital signals indicate the level of liquid nitrogen in the container, another 6 signals indicate, if each LED in the sensor works correctly. In the case of the failure of a sensor LED, interpreting these signals makes an emergency mode possible.
A failing of on of the LEDs would be indicated by an additional collective failure signal.

Technical data

Width mm 80
heighth mm 70
Length mm 105
Voltage supply Volt DC 24
Current consumption mA 150
Weight Kg 0,18

6-Level Sensor to capture the reading points.
This sensor is customized for each container.