CryoKit Specifications
Personal protective clothing and equipment for liquid nitrogen

CryoKit offers complete personal protective equipment of category III according to 8th ProdSV and EU directive 89/686/EEC with "CE marking" for handling liquid substances. It consists of a full view screen, gloves and apron. When handling liquid nitrogen, face and hand protection are indispensable! Due to the boiling temperature of the liquid nitrogen of -196°C, there is a risk of frostbite when decanting liquid nitrogen and handling deep-frozen stored goods. The result is tissue damage similar to that caused by burns. The eyes are particularly at risk.


The full view protection consists of the face shield with adjustable headband holder made of crystal clear and unbreakable polycarbonate. It protects against splashing liquid nitrogen and cold gas. The full-vision screen is certified according to EN 166-168, EN 170, EN 175 (personal eye protection).
The protective gloves are tested according to EN 388 (protection against mechanical hazards) and EN 511 (protection against cold) and are suitable for handling liquid nitrogen. However, they must not be immersed in liquid nitrogen. We offer a robust version (HD) for decanting and one for laboratory activities.
The apron for the cryogenic workplace, tested according to EN 388 (protection against mechanical hazards) and EN 511 (protection against cold), offers body protection against cold gas and splashes of liquid nitrogen.


Face shield Art.-Nr 1282 Size uni
Gloves HD Art.-Nr 1281 Size XL
Gloves laboratory Art.-Nr 1274 Size X, XL
Apron Art.-Nr 1278 Size uni