Nitrogen Supply

CryoFill dewar Specifications
System for filling liquid nitrogen into dewars

CryoFill dewar serves for safe filling of liquid nitrogen into pressure-free dewar containers. The semiautomatic filling mechanism can be supervised and controlled by the monitor CryoGuard or the control system CryoServer. Wearing of hand and face protection is necessary while filling liquid nitrogen. Filling has to be carried out by instructed persons.


The filling mechanism consists of a low-temperature safety solenoid valve with a stainless steel waving hose and a fill lance. The components are installed at a stand with integrated pipe holder. For filling the fill lance is pulled out of the pipe holder at the insulated hand grip and placed into the nitrogen container. The single solenoid valve is opened via a tracer or a switch and the liquid nitrogen get into the container over the phase separator. The filling time is limited to minimize the danger of container overstocking or running out of liquid nitrogen. At the end of the filling procedure the solenoid valve is closed by the user and the fill lance is placed back into the pipe holder.


  • Special designs for transport containers
  • Liquid nitrogen alarm and nitrogen stop (with CryoGuard or CryoServer)

Technical data

Dimensions mm H x W x D = 650 x 700 x 250
Weight kg 6
Power supply   230 VAC / 24 VDC