Nitrogen Supply

CryoVip Specifications
Vacuum-insulated supply line for liquid nitrogen

CryoVip is an vacuum-insulated supply pipe for liquid nitrogen, which reduces the evaporation rate to a minimum by its superinsulation. CryoVip provides for the continuous supply of nitrogen consumers and for the intermittent supply of cryo containers as well as filling mechanisms with liquid nitrogen starting from a conduit length of 25 m.


The supply pipe is made of stainless steel and consists of an inner pipe (1) and an outer pipe (2). The superinsulation within the evacuated range (3) between them, ensures best possible cooling insulation. This sophisticated connecting technique (4) contributes to the very low evaporation rate and the minimum cooling losses.

Simple installation:
The pipe is fastened with rubber-absorbed clamps to wall or ground brackets.

With CryoVip in combination with CryoPipe supply systems for liquid nitrogen are realized, whose conduit length exceeds 25 meters.

Snaps assembly:
CryoVip is prefabricated in segments individually for the application and can be installed fast.

CryoVip has the following characteristics:

  • Material: stainless steel type 304; ASTM 312
  • Multi-Layer superinsulation
  • Connection: Bayonet-lock

Technical data

Outer diameter mm 60,3 (DN50)
Evaporation rate kg/hm 0,01 liquid nitrogen
Line connection   DN 15