Nitrogen Supply

CryoFill Station Specifications
Automatic filling station for liquid nitrogen containers

The CryoFill station is used, if many containers are to be filled by different users with liquid nitrogen and the filling amounts must be allocated for cost calculation. The system is process-and safety-optimized. The user has to be instructed and has to wear face and hand protection during the filling-process.


The user passes through the access control system in the filling area and identifies himself via touch screen on the control cabinet. His identification data will be displayed and the system is activated. In the next step, the user places the container in the on the scale. The nitrogen container will be identified and the data is forwarded to the cabinet where all container data is stored and the capacity will be calculated. Then, the user lowers the filling lance into the container. After activating the filling process is performed automatically. The emerging fog during filling will be removed through the ventilation system. Touchscreen as well as light signs indicate, when filling process has been completed.
Additionally, accustic operating instructions are issued by the speech module. The user lifts the filling lance back to its initial position and removes the filled container. The filled amount of nitrogen is assigned to the user as well as the container to be processed by cost center management. It can be retrieved and processed electronically. If no other container has to be filled, the filling area has to be left within a defined time span and the door has to be closed.
CryoFill station includes a fully programmable control for every conceivable application. The system can be extended with the functions and control devices individually needed for a nitrogen filling station.

General and optional functions:

  • People detection via access control system, up to 50 users
  • Electronic container recognition, up to 50 containers
  • Personal data protection by the security system
  • User guidance speech module
  • Operation via touchscreen with emergency filling function
  • Monitoring and controlling of the supply tank
  • Oxygen monitoring for filling in enclosed areas
  • Nitrogen cutoff in case of oxygen deficiency
  • Light signal for indicating the operating status
  • Almost unlimited log capacity (> 10 years)
  • Integrated web server for visualization and operation of the touch screen via internet browser
  • Possibility of transmission of log data and administrative data as a csv-file via ftp- browser directly into any spreadsheet or data backup / archiving system
  • Potential-free contacts for collective or individual alarms for forwarding signals to external monitoring systems
  • Password protected setup level with individually programmable passwords

Techncal data
Floor scale

Platform size mm 850 x 850
Weighing range / Resolution kg 300 / 0,1
Material / Protectione   stainless steel / IP 68
Calibration   verifiable to Class M III
Weight kg about 120

Dimensions L x W x D mm 760 x 760 x 300
Weight kg about 60
Material / Protection   stainless steel / IP 66
Power supply   230 VAC, 16A

TFT Color-Display 10,4“ (ca. 211 x 158 mm)
Resolution/Colors VGA 640 x 480 Pixel / 64K Colors
Touch   resistiv
Interfaces   Ethernet 10 / 100, USB